Zoning and Land Use


Requirements for Zoning Certification

    1. Application Form
      • Duly accomplished notarized APPLICATION FORM. Prescribed application form to be secured from MPDO Office free of charge.
    2. Vicinity Map
      • Vicinity map indicating clearly and specifically the exact location of the proposed site and the existing land uses and/or landmarks within the radius of at least 500 meters and duly signed by a geodetic/civil engineer or an architect.
    3. Lot Plan
      • Lot Plan duly signed by a licensed Geodetic Engineer.
    4. Proof of Ownership
      • Photocopy of OCT and/or TCT, or any proof of ownership, or right over the property.
    5. Tax Declaration and Real Property Tax Receipt.
      • Latest Tax Declaration and Current Real Property Tax Receipt.
    6. Zoning Certification Fee.
      • to be assessed by the MPDO upon submission of the above requirements.


Basic Requirements for Seeking Locational
Clearance / Certificate of Zoning Compliance

  1. Duly accomplished notarized APPLICATION FORM
  2. Any of the following requirements relative to RIGHT OVER LAND;
    • the applicant is the owner of the property subject of the application
    • that the property is situated within alienable and disposable lands and outside lands reserved for the public domain.
    • that the property is free from liens and encumbrances of the property, or stating the liens and encumbrances of the property.
    • that the property is not tenanted (in case the property is planted to rice and corn)
  3. VICINITY MAP the existing land uses within the prescribed radius from the lot boundary of the project site:
    • for projects of local significance, the vicinity should cover a minimum of 100 meters radius and the map need not be drawn to scale provided the relative distances of existing land uses to the project site lot boundaries are indicated.
    • for projects of national significance, the vicinity should cover a minimum of one (1) kilometer radius and should be drawn to scale.
    • showing the project site lot area boundaries and dimensions of proposed improvements within the project site; the plan need not be drawn to scale for projects of local significance.
  6. MPDC/Mun. Mayor’s Certification as to site zoning classification (To be accomplished by MPDO)



Zoning Map of Baganga