Project Evaluation


Administrative Map
A map showing the boundaries of the municipality and each barangays.
Format: PDF      Size: A4 210 x 297 mm

Municipal Street Map
Street map of Poblacion (Central) indicating street names and points of interest. The map was drawn using AutoCAD.
Format: PDF      Size: US Long 8½” x 13″

CLUP Maps 2008
First Digitization of CLUP maps. The paper maps were scanned and pasted in a page layout using Adobe Photoshop CS2.
Format: Multipage PDF      Size: US Long 8½” x 13″

CLUP Maps 2014
Second Digitization of CLUP maps. Using combination of Manifold System 8 and Quantum GIS “Chugiak”. There are still remnants of scanned paper maps.
Format: PDF      Size: A4 210mm x 297 mm

CLUP Maps 2016
Third Digitization of CLUP maps. Using QGIS “Wien”. Assessed by HLURB-SMR.
Format: PDF      Size: A3 11.7″ x 16.7″

FLUP Maps 2012
Maps for the formulation of Forest Land Use Plan. Assisted by DENR RO-XI. Using Manifold System 8.
Format: PDF      Size: US Letter 8½” x 11″

Hazard Map – 100 Year Rainfall Return Flood Simulation
An assistance provided by US-AID GEM, Typhoon Pablo Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment. Presented during Provincial Conference on Disaster Management, August 2013.
Format: JPG      Size: 4664px x 3300px

Hazard Maps – 2016
Applicable hazard maps for each Barangay. These are processed hazard maps sourced from DENR-MGB, PHIVOLCS, US-AID. The base map was provided by ClimEx.db project geotags of the buildings. First used in Barangay Contingency Planning, currently being used by MDRRMO, future use in LCCAP formulation.
Format: Multipage PDF      Size: A3 11.7″ x 16.7″

MDRRMP Maps – 2015
These are the maps used in formulating the Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Plan
Format: PDF & KML      Size: A3 11.7″ x 16.7″

ClimEx.db Maps – 2016
Visualization of geotagging accomplishment of ClimEx.db project of Climate Change Commission – Project Climate Twin Phoenix. Maps show geotagged buildings and landmarks in each Barangay.
Format: PDF      Size: A3 11.7″ x 16.7″